Japanese rugby visitors to Wellington


On Saturday September 11, 2011 the Wellington Sakai Association along with the Oriental Rongotai
Rugby Club hosted a luncheon for six visitors from Sakai who had travelled to New Zealand to watch the Rugby World Cup. They had watched the opening ceremony and the game between Tonga and the All Blacks before travelling to Wellington. WSA invited our co-hosts from the Oriental Rongatai Club for Yum Cha at the Dragon Chinese restaurant in Tory Street for the happy event. They included their president Toa Winters and his wife, Rob Goulden club captain and their coordinator Ruhina Rangi. Many new friendships were made and old connections re-established as WSA co-hosted the visit of some junior rugby teamswho visited Wellington a few years ago. It was so nice to see them again. After the luncheon the group went to watch the game between Wales and SouthAfrica at the Westpac Stadium. Members would remember the game for Wales just getting pipped at the end and only losing by one point. Special thanks to Hiromi Morris and Rosemary Jones for the successful lunch.