The Wellington Sakai Association is a group of Wellington residents who work with our city council to foster social, cultural and sporting relationships between people in the cities of Wellington and Sakai, Japan.

The idea of the Sakai-Wellington sister city relationship was originally promoted by the Japanese Ambassador to New Zealand, Takeo Iguchi.

 In 1993, Fran Wilde, then Mayor of Wellington, visited Sakai and signed an agreement to set up a sister city relationship. On 4 February 1994 in Wellington the Mayor of Sakai, Hideo Hataya, and Mayor Wilde formally signed the sister city agreement.

The Wellington Sakai Association was set up in 1995. The mission of the association is to support the Council in the development of the sister city relationship with Sakai. There is also a Sakai Wellington Association in Japan.

Wellington and Sakai have a wide variety of exchanges, including educational exchanges, an annual marathon event and exhibitions of art, pottery and ikebana.


Wellington Sakai Association Events 2015-16 Executive Year

A recap of WSA activities for 2015-2016

Merry Christmas from Wellington Sakai Association

On 8 December members from Wellington Sakai Association (WSA) and Wellington Xiamen Association (WXA) joined together at Ozeki Japanese restaurant to celebrate the end of 2015.

Check out some photos of the event at:

Have a great Christmas and see you at the New Year's picnic on February 4 at Katherine Mansfield Park where we celebrate the signing of the sister-city arrangement between Wellington and Sakai.

 Hanami (Cherry Blossom Viewing) Picnic - 27 September 2015

This year's hanami picnic was postponed a week due to bad weather on the original date. This may have lead to the smaller than usual turn out, but none the less we had a great time enjoying some lovely food catered by Yoshi Sushi and Bento, along with some beautiful bentos made by members who had attended the bento class several weeks earlier.