Sakai host family pays Wellington's 2010 Senshu runner a visit

In 2010 Christine Jones was the Ambassador for Wellington at the Senshu International City Marathon in Sakai, Japan. Since then Christine has been keeping in regular contact with her host family, exchanging cards, gifts and emails. 

After years of talking about it finally Tamie (the mother) and Maya (the daughter) recently came to stay with Christine's family. They were in NZ for six nights, during which time Christine took them to Taupo for two nights where they had an excellent time together. 

Christine also showed them all of the sights in Wellington as well as visiting a few friends and relations to show them how ordinary families live here. They loved our “café culture”. 

Tamie speaks no English and Christine speaks no Japanese and they got along really well as they did in Sakai five years ago.  Thank goodness Maya has excellent English as she has a job as an interpreter in Sakai.

It's great to see Sakai and Wellington links begun through the Senshu marathon still going strong!