Japanese bento (lunchbox) class - 5 September 2015

After the success of a smaller class last year for JET Alumni Association (JETaa) members, Wellington Sakai Association (WSA) and JETaa joined together to present a bento making workshop, with a view to encouraging more people to make their own bentos to enjoy under the cherry blossoms at the annual WSA hanami picnic later in September.

26 people attended, including members of both WSA and JETaa as well as the general public. After a demonstration of various cutting techniques to create 'deco-ben' (decorative bento) participants were invited to create their own designs, using bento making supplies that we ordered from Japan. Some designs included spelling "Sakai" out of Japanese characters in cheese slices, and shapes of Sakai's famous "kofun" cut out of seaweed. Some bento staples, including the famous Japanese potato salad, fried prawns and egg rolls were provided by Tatsushi restaurant. Every participant received their own bento box to take home. 

Thanks to Raewyn, Jess, David and Phillip for helping with set up and clean up, and Mrs Yamada for posting our supplies from Japan.

This event filled up fast so keep an eye out mid next year for more opportunities to learn about bento!